How We Work With Our Clients

Every client is different which is why we take time to understand what is important to you, building a profile and then an investment portfolio to suit your needs.

Our Process

Step 1

Start the conversation

We start every client relationship with a conversation, this might be over the telephone, video call or face to face to suit you. This gives you the opportunity to speak with us and learn more about Raymond James, Cheltenham Spa. It also allows us to understand what is important to you and your loved ones and what your goals and interests are. By learning about you and your aspirations, we can start to identify the right service we believe is best suited to your objectives – which could be Discretionary Investment Management.

Step 2

Time to understand

After our initial discussions if you would like to proceed we then take time to fully understand your circumstances both financially and personally. We look at your past experience of investing, existing investments and begin to build an understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve.

At this stage, we will also discuss any specific requirements you may have from your investments such as generating a certain level of income or actively supporting certain areas close to your heart.  

Step 3

Build Investment Profile

The next step is for us to build a client investment profile that outlines our understanding of your circumstances, your attitude to and ability to withstand risk and your objectives. This becomes a live document that we update regularly and we also explain how we propose to manage your investments.

You have the opportunity to review this document to ensure it accurately reflects your situation. Once we have your confirmation to proceed we will open your account and begin investing your money in line with our agreement,  keeping you up to date with progress as we move forward.

Step 4

Manage & Review

Once your portfolio is established we will then actively manage and monitor the investments to ensure that they are suitable for you. This includes monitoring the current holdings, looking for opportunities and ensuring that the overall level of risk in the portfolio is commensurate with your profile. 

We review the client profile document with you regularly to ensure it accurately reflects your situation. We also report back to you with how the investments have performed, transactions undertaken and the outlook for markets.