How to transfer your investment portfolio to us


Transferring an investment portfolio is much easier than you might think and we have explained the process here:

Step 1


First we have to determine the suitability of an investment portfolio for you which involves us meeting and discussing your circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk before we outline our proposals to you.

Should you agree with our recommendations, we will proceed to open a new account for you, while simultaneously completing a ‘Transfer Authority Form’.

 Step 2

Once your new Raymond James account is open our administration team will instruct the transfer from your existing provider.

You do not need to do anything else as we will liaise with the firm on your behalf.

Step 3

Certain assets can transfer more quickly than others and so it is common to see some holdings in the investment portfolio come across quickly and others take a little longer.

We will keep you up to date with progress and the expected timeline on a regular basis.

Step 4


We will confirm with you once the transfer is complete and then begin managing your investment portfolio in line with our agreed proposals.

Any reimbursements for costs incurred whilst transferring to us will be made and we will report to you with a transfer summary on completion.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to do anything?

Once we have determined the suitability of your investment portfolio and opened your new account with us our administration team does all the work to transfer your assets across. We will keep you up to date with progress and report back to you once complete.

Is there a transfer fee?

We don’t charge a fee but your existing manager might charge a fee for transferring out. In most cases, we will be able to reimburse costs charged by your existing manager.

How long do transfers take?

Transfers vary depending on your existing provider with some being complete in 2 weeks. However, we  usually advise that it can take up to 30 business days.

Should I transfer as cash or stay invested?

This depends on your situation but the starting point is always to try and remain invested where appropriate. However, in some circumstances, there will be assets that we do not believe are suitable for your requirements or to expedite the process we may recommend a sale.

What you can transfer

We have included a list of assets that are commonly transferred by clients. There may be additional assets and so if you’re unsure then please do contact us. 

  • General Investment Accounts 
  • Stocks and Shares ISAs 
  • Cash ISAs (this would be transferred to a Stocks and Shares ISA)
  • Junior ISAs (where linked to family accounts)
  • SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pension)
  • Offshore Bond Portfolios
  • Share Certificates (including unit trust & OEIC transfers)