Our Investment Management Services

How can we help you?

Remove the hard work

Our team will manage your investment portfolio and make decisions on your behalf, this is called Discretionary Investment Management. Acting quickly to take advantage of opportunities and manage risks on your behalf. 

Review your existing arrangements

We can review your existing investments to ensure that they are working hard for you and are suitable for your requirements. This often includes consolidating other investments such as stocks and shares, ISAs and pensions where appropriate.

Tax and using your allowances

We make sure you aren’t paying more tax than you need to, taking advantage of Income and Capital Gains Tax allowances. We will also enable you to utilise ISA allowances in addition to Pensions and Offshore Bonds alongside financial advisers.

Administration & Reporting

We undertake all administration associated with holding an investment portfolio such as dividends, interest and corporate actions.

We provide comprehensive reporting to our clients via face to face meetings, telephone calls and general correspondence.

Discretionary Managed Investment Portfolio

For investments of £100,000+

A specialist Investment Manager will work with you to fully understand your investment objectives, time horizon and risk appetite and then actively manage your investments based on those parameters. This service allows us to manage your portfolio and make investment decisions on your behalf within your agreed mandate.

Investing for Growth 

You may be looking to simply maintain the value of your investments over and above inflation, be saving for retirement or perhaps simply wanting your savings and investments to work harder for you. Our growth focussed investment strategies provide investors with exposure to a diverse range of asset classes dependant on their individual circumstances and risk profile. 

Investing for Income 

Receiving an income from your investments may be important to help you pay for your outgoings or perhaps you prefer the comfort of receiving income on a regular basis from your portfolio. Our investment management expertise allows us to ensure that your investments have the ability to generate income on your behalf whilst being mindful of the sustainability of that income. 

Investing Ethically 

Each client is treated as an individual and will have their own views on how they would like their money invested. Not only are we able to screen securities against a wide range of criteria but we can actively search for investment opportunities across sectors that positively contribute to issues we are facing as a society. We would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how you might like your investments to be managed.